MP900390477We are all well aware of the impact that social media has had in reference to real-time communications, networking and our ability to connect with friends from around the corner or across a continent. However, a paradigm shift has been noted during the past few years. We have witnessed social media circles influence elections, disseminate the latest breaking news to the public and even foment revolutions in regions such as the Middle East and most recently, the Ukraine. So, it is only natural that the impact of social media on business operations is just as profound, however your business goals should be set first. Although this idea was thought implausible but a few short years ago, such a notion is now being espoused by some of the largest corporations in the world. So, what are some of the unique advantages that this ever-evolving platform is able to provide? Let us take a closer look.

A Brave New World

It is first important to recognise that the ways in which businesses operate have profoundly changed. The Internet has become the virtual “billboard” of the 21st century and this trend is only expected to grow. Although static advertising still has its place in normal operations, social media offers a distinct advantage that was unheard of in the past. No longer is exposure determined by one’s physical location. On the contrary, enterprises which embrace a powerful social media platform can reach literally millions of potential clients from around the world. Likewise, this robust publicity can lead to pre-qualified leads, proactive clientele and perhaps most importantly, the only limits placed upon this exposure are those which the company will dictate for itself. In simpler terms, social media has become a public relations dream come true.

Marketing with an Edge

However, social media presents a company with many more benefits that exposure alone. Any professional will attest to the fact that the efficiency of any marketing campaign – video or content – has just as much to do with client engagement and feedback as it involves the strategy itself. This is where social media can truly be interpreted as a “cut above the rest”. Due to the very nature of how these platforms function, it is possible for a company to obtain feedback from customers and the general public in a real-time scenario. This is absolutely critical to effectively engage a target audience and if necessary, to adjust an existing marketing campaign. Social media will allow a business to approach their ongoing operations from a proactive as opposed to a reactive approach. Should any changes need to be made, they can be done so with fluidity and clarity. Such adaptation is absolutely essential in a world that is defined by the adaptability of strategy and public relations.

No Cost, High Return

In the past, one of the most profound restrictions that would have a grave impact on business growth was the inordinate amount of money allocated towards marketing. Should a certain campaign prove to be ineffective, it may be difficult to recuperate lost funds. Thankfully, social media can very much be viewed as a “proving ground” for a new template. This is obviously due to the fact that there is absolutely no cost involved.

Furthermore (and as opposed to website design), there is no need for a marketing specialist to understand coding, HTML or WordPress. This will enable management to allocate social media tasks to a specific individual or department without having to be concerned about exceeding budgetary limitations. Rarely has there been such a financially risk-free structure from which a truly unique and lucrative campaign may arise.

All That Glitters May Be Gold

It should be clear that social media now plays an absolutely critical role in the success or the failure of a business. What is worth mentioning is the fact that many larger corporations have yet to appreciate the full scope of these platforms and as a result, we have experienced somewhat of a niche market unfold for small-to medium-sized enterprises (those that may need these avenues the most). It is therefore no surprise that as the world of virtual marketing increases, so has the awareness that social media may very well be the most effective platforms for targeting an Internet-savvy audience.

What is most important is that at the present, we can still consider social media to be in its infancy. This has already allowed countless businesses to place themselves in a position that enables them to reach their target audience and retain a loyal customer base.

Indeed, the advantages of social media for the growing business cannot be ignored or understated. As this virtual medium continues to advance, it can only be expected that these sites will become further integrated into the business world. It will be interesting to see what the future will hold for this influential sector.

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