If there is one word that can be used ubiquitously in the world of professional business, that word is productivity. However, we need to appreciate that this somewhat “mythical” goal must occur within the office before outward results will ever be seen in the form of sales, profits and job satisfaction.  So, let us take a quick look at five sure-fire tips that will allow you to bring your workplace motivation and productivity to entirely new levels.

I Think I Can, I Think I Can…

Man holding stack of paperwork with hand on calculator with longYou may be surprised to learn that not all motivation will initially occur within the office. On the contrary, those that are most productive will enter into the workplace with a smile and exude energy as soon as they begin working.  Cultivating a positive mental attitude outside of the office is essential to bring this very same energy with you every day.  Waking up in the morning eager for the challenges that lay ahead and believing that you can face any obstacle are two great ways to build your productivity levels.


It is often the case that the least motivated people in an office are those who do not regularly express any concerns or grievances.  These are the same individuals that tend to drag others down.  Obviously, such stagnation can be fatal to what was once a productive office.  If you have a problem or issue, proactively approach management or a team leader and express your concerns.  You will most likely be surprised at how valuable your opinion is to the organisation.  This will allow you to approach your tasks with more energy and once again, you will vastly increase your productivity.

Set Targets

Look at your short- and long-term goals much in the same way as a marathon runner views each mile of a race.  If your sales pipeline has a certain goal for the end of the month, break this figure down into manageable chunks.  If your company is required to gain a specific net cash flow by the end of the fiscal year, interpret this on a quarterly basis.  This approach will have the effect of allowing such challenges to appear more realistic and achievable.

Self Evaluate

Be honest with yourself.  If you have failed to reach a certain milestone, ask why.  Take a look at your methods and current approaches to the tasks that you are delegated.  If you find a flaw, change it whenever possible. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a rut and continuing down a negative path.  By finding out what may have gone wrong you will be able to pick yourself and begin with a renewed sense of energy.

Have Fun

Finally, remember to laugh.  Interact with others when appropriate. Organise after-work parties on a Friday evening.  Bring humour into the office.  Laughter is a great motivator and it will allow you to feel a more integral part of the team as a whole.  Such good-natured energy will drastically increase your productivity levels, for you will have the focus to complete a task while doing so in a positive environment.

By embracing these five concepts, you will be amazed at how quickly you can increase your levels of productivity in the office.  With such momentum, untold success may indeed be just around the corner!

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